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   The goal of my practice is to provide the most useful modalities for the most common problems I encounter.  Some diagnostic procedures can be performed more accurately or less expensively than I can provide in my office.  For these I refer to other facilities outside of the office.  Some examples are x-rays, CT and MRI scans, mammograms, pap smears, bone density scans, etc.

Most of the services I have chosen to provide in the office are the ones that I believe are either not readily available, more convenient to perform on site, or we perform better.  With this philosophy, the following services are available in the office:

BASIC ASSESSMENT:  heart function (EKG and heart rhythm), lung function (peak flow and full spirometry), ear fluid (tympanogram), body fat and water content (plethysmography), urinalysis, vital signs, compete physical exam (excludes breast and female pelvic), etc. Shannon and Dan in our back office allow us to draw all types of blood lab specimens.  By having blood drawn and processed in the office, we can ensure that the specialized tests we use are done properly and that you don't need to bring the test kits, etc. with you to a laboratory that is usually unfamiliar with the special requirements.  Please always come in FASTING to have your lab drawn unless specifically directed otherwise.  It is a good idea to call the day before to make sure we can accommodate you but you don't need an appointment.

PHYSICAL THERAPY using Upledger visceral manipulation, electronic needle-less acupuncture, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Class IV Lasers, Vibracussor and manual myofascial release, neurolymphatic massage, and diathermy using mineral heat lamps is available.  We focus on healing techniques rather than pain-blocking techniques such as TENS, inferential, etc.  We avoid the harsh disruptive modality of ultrasound. 

We have employed Frequency Specific Microcurrent with consistent success  for several years. By gentle energizing the tissue and then giving it precise instructions, healing often occurs even in the most refractory and chronic conditions.

Dr. Kaslow has been using Neural  Therapy since June 2000.  It is one of the most powerful tools used in the practice for breaking through previously refractory cases.  Along the same strategy, Biopuncture using microdoses of biomodulators has been a powerful tool for pain, chronic injuries, detoxification, etc.

Prolozone injections into joints and around joints has thus far been quite successful even for those with severe degeneration and trauma.  The joints and structures around the joints most amenable to prolozone have been the knees, shoulders, ankles and Achilles tendon, lumbar and cervical spine, and elbows.  We have had very favorable results for chronic pain sites including tendinitis, surgical scars, fibromyalgia, and plantar fasciitis.

NEUROFEEDBACK adds a powerful tool to address a variety of neurocognitive conditions.  Some of the reported symptoms that have benefited from MicroCurrent Neurofeedback include:

    Anxiety including symptoms of panic attacks, generalized anxiety and PTSD, impulse control, irritability, emotional outbursts or wide emotional fluctuations, anger and rage, explosiveness, fears

    Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms including hypervigilance, irritability, restlessness, and sleeping problems

    Depression including bipolar conditions, lack of joy and flat emotions, social withdrawal, feelings of helplessness, deep sadness, loss of energy, lack of motivation, and loss of sense of humor

    Head trauma including those with mild/moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), concussions, blast injuries, strokes, brain or cranial surgeries, seizures

    Cognitive dysfunction including ADD/ADHD, some learning disabilities, brain fog, cognitive deficits from stroke, poor memory, being unable to do more than one thing at a time, problems following conversations and reading material, problems absorbing and understanding what people say, problems of clarity, thinking and estimating clearly

    Obsessiveness including compulsions, individuals who say their brain won't stop, some aspects of autistic spectrum disorders, sleep disorders

    Addictions including those to alcohol, prescription medications, sleep medications, nicotine/cigarettes, and recreational substances (cocaine, marijuana, etc.)

    Fatigue and Pain conditions including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, neuro-inflammatory states (eg- microglial activation), EMF sensitivities, Oppositional Defiant Disorders

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING with focus on specific diets, whole food supplements, allergen avoidance, metabolic needs, etc.  Based on lab tests and in office testing we can determine vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid needs, toxic metal exposure, yeast overgrowth conditions, food sensitivities, intestinal permeability and function, acid-base balance, etc.

NEUROEMOTIONAL TECHNIQUES are powerful tools to unblock emotional imprints that sabotage your recovery.  As mentioned in the section on management principles, emotional health should be considered with the same respect and approach as physical well-being.  Vanessa in our office is an excellent facilitator in this area of health using NET, REBA-PSE testing, and BioReprogramming.  Additional information regarding BioReprogramming can also be found at www.bioreprogramming.net, which is the official website.

Although we do not perform this technique in our office, I strongly recommend exploring Family Constellation Therapy.  I have personally gone through this therapy, which is derived from the work of Bert Hellinger.

ALLERGY TESTING is done through skin testing, blood cell assays, IgE and IgG tests, at home and in office challenges.

METABOLIC TESTING using urine, saliva, conventional blood work, symptom surveys, and physical testing help determine your metabolic state.

HORMONE BALANCING based on genetic design, detailed questionnaires, basal body temperature and pulse profiles, blood, urine, or saliva monitoring, and of course, response to appropriate therapy.  Dr. Kaslow has treated both men and women with combinations of natural non-prescription compounds as well as "prescription-only" bio-identical hormones based on your particular philosophy and need. 

NEUROTRANSMITTER TESTING via a single afternoon urine specimen has provided great insights into the biochemical cause of anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, migraines, etc.  Neurotransmitter Repletion has been an effective option for many of my patients.  Most of the time urine testing is not necessary to initiate or even manage neurotransmitter balancing.

ADVANCED TESTING using in office survey forms, urine and saliva testing, Electro-Interstitial Scanning (EIS) and single nerve sensory conduction studies (SCNT).  We find our Meridian Energy Assessment a valuable tool for gathering data about you acupuncture meridian status.  It may provide insight when no other pattern emerges.  These tests may be considered non-standard and therefore can not be used alone to make a diagnosis, which usually requires a combination of data and insight from multiple sources.  REBA testing and BioResonance testing are also available.  As part of our research program, Non-Linear Stress testing is being evaluated and thus far has provided very intriguing insights in some of the more complicated conditions.  It is important to limit the conclusions made from these techniques and as such should not be considered diagnostic, but rather insightful and possibly helpful in understanding the overall situation with a given individual.

CARDIOVASCULAR ASSESSMENT goes beyond a standard EKG and includes functional nerve-muscle evaluations through an acoustic cardiograph,  and heart rate variability using the Health and Nerve Express program to identify your physical fitness and autonomic nervous system balance, etc.  Because cardiovascular disease is so common and often difficult to identify "at risk" individuals, we also measure blood vessel elasticity and integrity using a Digital Plethysmograph Assessment.  This is a rapid non-invasive test done on your finger.  We can also measure your Central Artery Systolic Pressure.  We also rely on blood tests done through a commercial lab to aid identifying risks for atherosclerosis, strokes, clots, hypertension, heart failure, etc. - oxidized LDL, Lp-PLA2, C-Reactive Protein, homocysteine, Lp (a), Galectin, b-Naturietic Peptide, and others.

DIGITAL INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY was added in January 2006 with state-of-the-art equipment.  Dr. Kaslow has been trained by one of the most experienced, well-respected thermographers in the world.  The procedure is entirely non-invasive, safe, discrete, and has excellent predictive value for early detection of abnormal breast physiology.  Although not a replacement for X-ray mammograms, functional thermography not only serves as an early warning system for trouble but may help determine an appropriate management strategy. In April 2012, the software program was upgraded to enable full body thermography in addition to breast thermogram imaging.  This has enabled a much more wholistic view of the body and provides a better understanding of the structure and physiology from the head to the feet.

PHOTON DIRECTED ACTION including Low Level Laser (LLLT) has been a powerful adjunct to treating oral, dental and upper respiratory infections.  The mechanism of this FDA approved modality include stimulating the cells and tissue to function optimally.  In addition we have had dramatic responses reported using our Photon Directed Action (PDA) protocol for allergens and toxins. Several patients have virtually eliminated their allergy symptoms and medication need using this technique.

ANODYNE photodynamic therapy aids in accelerating healing.  See more about this therapy in the web page on Anodyne.

CYCLIC VARIATIONS IN ALTITUDE CONDITIONING (CVAC) was installed in our office in August 2009 as the only site in Orange County.  CVAC™ simulates changes in altitude through precise patterns  to enhance the fitness if your body type.  Dr. Kaslow used the CVAC himself in preparation for his climb to the 19,400 foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro over New Years 2010. CVAC stimulates mitochondria (the energy producing organelles inside your cells), which has been shown to markedly improve strength, stamina, glucose metabolism, tolerance to inadequate oxygenation, etc.  The CVAC unit is presently not available in our office.

WEIGHT LOSS has never been as successful or consistent in my experience using any other program except for the Very Low Calorie Fat Reduction Program.  Popularized by Dr. Simeone and now widely used in the U.S.A., it not only fits our whole food approach but may be the answer for patients with diabetes, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, etc.  It has been effective for those who need to lose a significant amount of weight (60+ pounds) as well as those who want to lose a few pounds of fat in a particular area of the body (belly fat).  For more information call 714-565-1036 and ask for Emily..

Our office staff will submit a claim to your insurance carrier UNLESS you are enrolled in Medicare, Medi-Cal, or an HMO.  Even if we are not listed in the book as a preferred provider, insurance coverage is often available.  Although we are not a contracted provider and considered out of network for Aetna, Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Health Net, Tri-Care, PHCS, Multi-Plan, or Blue Cross insurance plans, we submit an insurance claim for you after you have paid in full for the services you received.  Generally, a portion of the fee is covered by these carriers.  A web page explaining why we do not participate in all insurance programs is presented for your review.

The only PPO CONTRACT we presently maintain is Cigna PPO. Not all services are covered by insurance due to the nature of fulfilling criteria of "medical necessity" or limitations on "unapproved techniques and services."  We also tend to monitor our patients more frequently until we are certain they are in biochemical homeostasis.  If you are uncertain, please ask first.

Our fees represent our cash price.  We accept cash, check, debit, and credit cards.  Click here for a list of common fees.

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Blood Vessel Elasticity (DPA)
Body Impedance Assessment (BIA)
Breast Thermography
Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS)
Food Testing
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Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Low Level Lasers (LLLT)
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