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 Beginning this year we are offering two new in-depth analysis to improve your health more precisely, less expensively, and with more confidence. The first addition is a deeper more comprehensive metabolic assessment. It is an extension of our saliva and urine analysis. Through these new tests we can determine the status of your nervous system, and help answer some important questions about your health: are you too acid (and thus at risk for bone loss, etc.) or too alkaline (and subject to allergies), are you depleted of minerals, are you aging more rapidly than you should because of free radicals (Alzheimer's, etc.), is your body in an inflammatory state, is your digestion and diet part of the reason you don't feel great, etc. The additional tests take about 15 minutes.

 The second new diagnostic test finds the location of disease and dysfunction before the laboratory tests, CT scans, MRIs, x-rays, mammograms, etc. detect trouble. This technology is easy to perform, non-invasive and in my opinion so valuable, I am making it mandatory for most of my patients. I simply believe that anything less than a thorough look is a dis-service and below the standard of care by which I believe you deserve. Ask for the hand-out on the CRT2000. Information should be on my website soon.

 In taking stock of my practice and in setting my New Year's resolutions, I am going to focus even more intently on the nutritional, biochemical, hormonal, and metabolic components necessary for long-term health. For those patients who are not receiving nutritional guidance, and really only come to me for care that any other physician can provide, such as prescription renewal, etc, I am going to release them from my practice. My expertise is with creating health through metabolic and hormonal balancing, nutrition, detoxification, dietary therapies, allergy control, etc. I am thus limiting my practice to the care of those who share my belief in fixing the root problems and not just prescribing symptom-suppressing pharmaceuticals. This should help enable those of you who need appointments to get in easier.

 For those new patients or family and friends that live too far away or who can not wait to be seen, a nutritional program can be developed using a specialized questionnaire. These are available from our nutritional pharmacy. As a result, anyone can get a simplified personalized nutritional support program designed for him/her using a similar approach that we use for our regular patients. The program requires a few minutes to complete a computerized survey form that is very similar to my own initial history form. Combined with any lab reports available, the survey gives an excellent health overview. Based on the results, I personally develop a basic nutritional program including diet suggestions and further tests that may be helpful. I hope to expand the survey and make it even more comprehensive in the summer of 2000. Call 714-565-1032 for more information.

 In case you did not know, we have an excellent physical therapy program at the office with Susan, a Registered Physical Therapist. We have seen dramatic breakthroughs in a variety of problems. I can't tell you how many patients have told me, "She is amazing." Even long standing injuries that acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, etc. have not helped in the past are responding. I think it's a combination of the unique Acuscope/Myopulse techniques we developed here, Susan's hand techniques, and the nutritional support that is making the difference. In addition to muscular and joint problems, headaches, sinusitis, anxiety, fatigue, menstrual problems, etc. have been responding. Getting the body's electrical system in balance affects nearly every aspect of your health. Call if you have questions.

 My participation in discounted health plans such as PPO's and Point of Service Programs is threatening the feasibility of my medical practice. The average medical doctor or nurse spends about 7-10 minutes per patient for which he/she receives the same payment that I receive for spending on the average of 15-22 minutes or more with you. That doesn't include the extra time after hours I review your lab work in detail, medical records, research on your questions, etc. Charging your insurance company more makes no difference. They pay what they want to pay. The reality is that my overhead has continued to rise but my reimbursement from the insurance companies has not. In fact there has been an overall huge reduction. I have already terminated my contract with HealthNet as of December 1, 1999. I simply can't survive on their inadequate reimbursement. This doesn't mean you can't see me, just HealthNet can't discount my fees while making huge profits off you and me. You can get an explanation letter from HealthNet on how it may impact you.

 I am reviewing my contract with Private Health Care Systems (PHCS), Pacificare, and/or Blue Cross because of their reimbursement patterns. I simply can not afford to give the kind of care and time you deserve and I want to provide with excessive discounts. It's especially frustrating when they report record profits. Again, the biggest difference with dis-enrolling is that my fee will not be cut below my overhead. In fact, your out of pocket expense may not be much different. You will be notified if and when these changes take place.

 Beginning January 1, 2000 for all insurance plans, my compromise/solution is to charge your insurance carrier for reviewing laboratory reports, medical records, and any extra counseling that is provided by myself or my staff. Many other offices have always charged for these services. We are testing this to see if the insurance companies will cooperate. In many cases, you may have no out of pocket expense for these services.

 As a way of sharing more information with you and to simplify both of our lives, I am developing an Internet web-site at www.drkaslow.com. Hopefully, by the time you read this, it should be operational. Please be patient with it and watch it grow in information and value. Initially you will find updated handouts and diets I use in my office. Other topics will be added including excerpts from my book, Cardiovascular Efficiency versus Nutritional Deficiency, information about fructose, aspartame (Equal), immunizations, etc. There will be sections on what your lab tests mean, information about many of the supplements we recommend, etc. Your feed back about it and your word-of-mouth to friends is encouraged.

 To better communicate with you, we ask that you provide us with your phone number for work and facsimiles and your e-mail address. These may be helpful to contact you for appointment changes, urgent news, lab reports, etc.

 Thank you for all of the wonderf ul cards, photos, and gifts you gave my staff and me. The entire holiday season gave us a chance to renew ourselve s and begin the New Year with compas sion and dedicati on. I look forward to helping you live to your fullest potentia l.

As ever,


Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.A.A.I.


P.S. - I passed my re-certific ation Boards in Allergy and Immun ology this past August. It probabl y means very little to you as a patient, but it does suggest I'm not too rusty on convent ional wisdom …

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