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Fall 2000

The new suite (#206) is working out quite nice. It is more open and with it a calmer environment. This, I hope, will create a healing and efficient environment. All appointments are scheduled in 20" time slots rather than 15" as before. New appointments are allotted 40" rather than 30" as before. Of course this leaves fewer appointments time slots, but ultimately you will get better care.

In previous newsletters I mentioned Neural Therapy as a new modality directed at individuals who have had a life event that has altered the course of their health for which diet, nutritional support, hormone balancing, etc. has only provided partial resolution. There are three basic types of events that seem to interfere with healing: 1) Physical trauma such as surgery, childbirth, car accident, bone fracture, biopsy, etc; 2) Infection such as from immunizations, severe infections such as a bad virus, dental abscess, etc; and 3) An emotional event such as a death, abandonment, abuse, etc. Neural Therapy provides a legitimate healing modality for these refractory conditions as well as a fast track toward for all illnesses. The simple underlying reason is that the Autonomic Nervous System controls everything, even the biochemistry and hormones. It is what the CRT tests, our physical therapy technique addresses, and is the master control of your health. It is usually covered under your insurance policy. For more information, see the webpage on "Neural Therapy" under the topic of Services at www.drkaslow.com.

Great news about supplement reimbursements. Blue Shield and Aetna have been reimbursing some of our patients for supplements that have been prescribed and purchased through our office. This policy began earlier this year. If you have coverage with either of these insurance companies, send your invoices with a copy of the supplement instruction/prescription I wrote for you to Aetna or Blue Shield for reimbursement. You will also need to explain why you can not take medications and how you have had significant benefit to using the supplements. You will still need to pay at the time you receive your supplements, we will not bill insurance.

Our website is now secure enough for us to receive e-mail. I want to encourage you to use this avenue to communicate with us. It saves us time on the phone re-writing your questions, updates, etc. Your e-mail gives us a hard copy for your chart and a way for me to respond to you directly. I hope that you will honor our time in directing the e-mail to the proper person. For matters that only I can address, e-mail me at drkaslow@drkaslow.com. Please do not send your email as an attachment (Word, etc), this takes me longer to read and to respond. For billing related matters, e-mail billing@drkaslow.com. For anything related to supplements such as re-orders or questions, arrival times, back-orders, e-mail supplements@drkaslow.com.

We recently hired an outstanding phlebotomist so we can draw laboratory specimens in our office. She is fast and friendly. Since we spend a lot of time trying to track down labs, giving you the right kits, making sure the proper specimen gets done, we have arranged to have the labwork done downstairs. We will also do your billing so there is hopefully less hassle for you as well. Blood draws are done Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. You don't need an appointment but please give us to a call to let us know you are coming in…

I hope that at least once in our visits I mentioned the three foundations of a successful approach to health: 1) Giving your body the specific nourishment it needs to function optimally (ex: vitamins, minerals, etc.); 2) Avoiding those things or activities that make you worse (ex: certain foods like sugar); and 3) Detoxifying or de-infecting something in your body that it can not get rid of without help (ex: Candida, mercury, etc.).

While these three fundamentals must always be addressed, there are two more aspects I believe need to be included for many of you. Thus, there are five fundamentals to consider. I have already mentioned the fourth component, Neural Therapy. The fifth fundamental is identifying and reprogramming emotional behaviors that are maladaptive. It is this area that I am intensively exploring now…

          We all have behaviors and emotions that work against us. We do things that we know we should not. It is as though we sabotage ourselves, and then we pay the price. Why is this? Why do we choose to do things that we know are not in our best interest. Why do we feel anxious or irritable or aloof or angry or frustrated or guilty for no apparent reason? Especially when it "gets the best of us." I see many of you (as well as in myself) get better for awhile, only to retreat after a period of time. We fail to adapt to the higher level of function. Some times it is a matter of practicality or lifestyle choices. However, too often it is our own emotions that revert us back - maladaptive emotions. It is often the consequences of these feelings that affect our health and our ability to feel wonderful.

          In focusing on the nervous system, I have been trying to balance and harness the control it has over all aspects of living - biochemical, hormonal, immune, and now especially emotions. Emotions are under the control of the nervous system - the unconscious nervous system. So when you are told that it's all in your head, there is some truth in to it. How to fix it is the controversy. Too often Prozac, herbs, anti-depressants, psychotherapy, etc. don't work - at best you seem to cope better.

My aim is to use techniques other than psychotherapy or counseling to get at the core of the problem. In other words, unlinking or re-programming your emotions to your physical response. Getting your nervous system to work on the same team as the rest of you. From my studies thus far, the specific connection between our emotions and our physical body probably involves acupuncture meridians. It seems that specific locations on your body are receptors to the outside world. Just as your eyes are for vision, your ears are hearing, your nose for smelling, etc. these special sensory sites are receptors for what is called subtle energy. "Subtle energy" includes things you know are there but are not felt physically - like radiowaves, magnetism, etc. For many it is also a spiritual matter - like prayer. There is no question they exist, we just take them for granted or we do not appreciate them because we don't understand them. Homeopathy and acupuncture are examples.

Using subtle energy at specific locations in a specific sequence has been used successfully and there is convincing evidence that it impacts the nervous system. There is great healing potential in this modality.

It follows that in order to create health, these deeper emotions of the nervous system must be addressed. After all, it is the nervous system that controls all other aspects of your body. I look forward to embarking upon these five strategies with you…

As a final note, there is a slow but definite shift in the approach to heart disease that de-emphasizes the cholesterol relationship. More important issues have to do with inflammation of the blood vessel wall. So in addition to keeping your arteries clear, we will be enhancing immune function as well. More about that at your next office visit.

As ever,

Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D.

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