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Jeremy E. Kaslow, MD, FACP, FACAAI Physician and Surgeon
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Welcome to www.drkaslow.com, a web site focused on long term Health. This site reflects the philosophy I bring to my patients on a daily basis. Although I have been Board Certified in Allergy, Asthma, and Clinical Immunology and Internal Medicine, my 25+ years of practice in central Orange County, California is comprehensive, innovative, and includes children and adults.

There are a lot of terms used to describe my approach - integrative medicine, functional medicine, complementary medicine, alternative medicine, preventive medicine, holistic and wholistic medicine, naturopathic, and the like.  Simply put, I choose what I think are the best options on an individual basis - I prefer to call it just good medicine.

When treating a patient I strive to provide more than just rapid relief of your immediate symptoms. I focus on your overall health examining nutritional, metabolic, immune, hormonal, structural, and any toxicologic factors in which you may be involved. Through a personal and comprehensive examination, I try to get to the source of your condition enabling you to restore your health.  I also look at emotional and psychological factors as these create the background which shapes every aspect of your health and well-being.

Most conditions whether it involves heart disease, fatigue, arthritis, cancer, headaches, chronic infections, allergies, elevated cholesterol, depression, anxiety, PMS, menopause, autism, diabetes, osteoporosis, irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. are manageable if the underlying causes are more fully understood. That doesn't mean I use the latest fad or herb to cover up your symptoms. Rather I apply scientific principles in a practical and logical way to solve your medical needs. There are five management principles that need to be addressed to make certain that your health program will enable you to harness the remarkable healing capabilities of the human body--

  • Give your body what it needs to heal.  With proper food choices,  nutritional support, bio-identical hormones, and voltage/electrons/ oxygen.
  • Avoid those things that make you worse (such as certain foods or behaviors, allergens, toxins, etc.).
  • Detoxify or de-infect the things that you can not get rid of without assistance (such as viruses, parasites, Lyme and Lyme-like microbes, yeast, toxic metals, chemicals, dental or joint implants to which you are reactive, etc).  Some of the strategies we have found helpful include Biopuncture, specific supplements, UVBI, oxidative therapies, and Photon Directed Action (PDA), etc.
  • Address structural issues (such as vertebral and sphenoid bone misalignment, scars, post-traumatic adhesions, etc.) that prevent healing. This may involve removing or neutralize any interfering physical scars through techniques such as Neural Therapy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), Tennant Voltage Biomodulation, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) and or use of low-force and non-force adjustments.
  • Reprogram any maladaptive emotional imprints or core beliefs that may be sabotaging you from achieving long term success.   Some describe these as post-traumatic events but with one major difference, the imprint may be subconscious and thus not easily addressed with counseling or traditional psychotherapy.  Techniques to consider include through NeuroEmotional Technique (NET), Psychosomatic Energetic testing with REBA, Emotional Field Therapy, Bio-Reprogramming® , and/or Family Constellation Therapy (Hellinger).

Your success depends on our close Doctor / Patient relationship. That means asking the right questions, careful listening, complete examinations of your physical and biochemical state and understanding how you function within your own environment. If necessary, select labs that identify your nutritional needs, allergies, hormonal status, metabolic efficiency, etc. can be performed. When it is all put together, a practical and personalized plan will be agreed upon that is designed to not only get rid of symptoms you don't have to live with but also promote a healthier, happier, more vital you. 

Moreover, I know that you shouldn't wait until something bad happens. Disease and discomfort does not occur by chance.  True preventive care depends on more than just early disease detection. Understanding what creates dysfunction and disease helps prevent problems before they ever develop.

I know there are a lot of web sites and self-proclaimed experts. I realize that it is becoming harder and harder to trust what you hear and read. There is so much information but so little insight or wisdom. I believe we have entered the "mis-information era." That is one reason we take each person and perform a thorough evaluation before making any recommendations. That holds true for giving advice over the internet. 

While I do not want to limit the website to patients already in my practice, I do ask that you understand I have limited time to respond to inquiries from those who have not become patients.  After all, my staff and I want to be known as the health source you come to for reliable, safe, and effective care. We want to be part of the team you choose to guide you on a comprehensive healing process, and not just someone to visit when you are sick.

I encourage you to take an active role in your health care, which if done properly will lead you to a longer, more prosperous life. I hope you find something of value on our web site. Please help us improve the site and serve you better by adding your constructive suggestions, questions, and comments.

On behalf of my staff and myself thanks for visiting www.drkaslow.com. Come back often as I am adding new information and services.

Thanks Again,

Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.A.A.I.

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